Why Should You Choose To Be An LPN?

If you are thinking of pursuing a nursing career then it is a great choice especially with the market opening up to offer lpn jobs. You can choose to be a LPN (Licensed Practical Nurse) or LVN (Licensed Vocational Nurse). But whatever the choice be, you will get to enjoy this rewarding career. It is not just rewarding in terms of salary paid but there are other benefits like lpn jobs are not 24x7; you have to work just 12hrs a day, 3 days a week.

The satisfaction will be emotional as well as on the financial plane too. More than everything else, lpn jobs will offer you moral satisfaction and rewards. According to the American Nurses Association, the average salary for licensed practical nurses is approximately $35,000 annually. The average salary for nursing administrators annually is around $45,000; for a clinical nurse specialist, it is $40,000; for nurse practitioners, the average is $70,000 annually and for nurse anesthetists, it is the highest with $110, 000 annually. So you can imagine where your lpn jobs can really take you! Lpn jobs offer you a career, which is mentally and spiritually rewarding, offers flexible timings, financially lucrative with on the job promotions.

A career as a licensed practical nurse is quite secure because the health care industry will grow up and not down. With time, there will be more elderly people to be taken care of and illnesses, and surgeries have been on the rise in the last decade or so. There are hundreds of lpn jobs available through the nation in various hospitals or medical institutions, private clinics, medical schools, and state and federal health care facility.

There are certain requirements that you will have to meet to secure lpn jobs. You will have to sit for and pass your NCLEX-PN licensing examination. Once you are through, you will become a licensed practical nurse and can apply for positions in some of the top healthcare institutions. Before you can appear for the NCLEX-PN examination, you will have to graduate or complete a diploma in an accredited LPN program. Most LPN programs are structured with the course including subjects like anatomy, biology, first aid, pediatrics etc. The course can also be covered over three semesters depending on the institute or the specific program.

So once you have the license to care, you can go ahead and apply for the thousands of career opportunities available only through lpn jobs.e

Jenny Taylor